The concept is simple and straight forward and you’ve heard it before, but pictures truly are worth a thousand word’s and first impressions are everything. Using professional photography as part of your marketing strategy shows your clients that you mean business when it comes to selling their home. Your clients home is their biggest investment and they want to make sure that you’re doing all you can to sell their home! And that all begins with awesome photography!

Listing Photography

Let’s face it, your a busy Realtor and really don’t have time to be a real estate photographer too. Professional Real Estate photography is more then owning a fancy camera equipment, it’s also the skill required in capturing a property at its best. Taking the time to really look at the space and compose an image that showcases every aspect of the property.

Home Photo offers professional quality Real Estate Photography services that are vital for today’s real estate professional. It’s these services that give agents a distinct advantage in a market that’s all about first impressions and looking more professional.

Home Photo wants to take all the work and hassle out of Real Estate Photography by making it as easy as giving us a phone call.

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Included In Shoot ListIncluded In Shoot List


Virtual Tours

Home Photo provides Virtual Tour slide shows FREE with every Real Estate Photo package A $50 VALUE!. Our Virtual Tours provide a beautiful and functional way to display your real estate photos.

Here's what's included with every Tour!

  • Branded & Unbranded MLS Compliant Tours
  • Agent Branding with Contact Information, Headshot & Logo
  • Tour Colors can be Matched to Agent's Brand/Website
  • Download Images in Multiple Sizes
  • Edit Photo Names & Descriptions
  • Rearrange Slideshow Order
  • High Definition Slideshow with Kens Burns Effect
  • Weekly/Monthly Emailed Tour Traffic Statistics
  • Syndication to Major Real Estate Portals
  • Map Link
  • School Information
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Add Floor plans to create viewable "Photo Hotspots"

Click below to view sample Virtual Tour

  • Large Music Library to Choose from
  • Interactive Floor Plans & Hotspots available
  • Mobile & Tablet Optimized
  • Automatic posting to Twitter & Facebook
  • Agent Support

Additional options not included in the Free version: Exporting Virtual Tours as a video to your YouTube account; adding Narration/Voiceovers to your Tours.

Aerial/Drone Photo & Video

Looking for a unique way to show off your listing or property? Get the camera off the ground and into the air!

Aerial/Drone photography and video allows you to capture a listings uniques selling features with a bird's-eye view. Million dollar ocean views, winding canals and waterways, expansive properties and one-of-a-kind land features can all be highlighted and showcased with aerial/drone photography.

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Home Photo Pro Rep, LLC -Aerial and Drone PhotographyHome Photo Pro Rep, LLC -Aerial and Drone PhotographySouthwest Florida Sweeping Aerial and Drone Photography/Image





Sunset & Twilight Photography

Like a painting in a museum, Twilight shots give your property a dramatic or romantic feel with the soft glow of sunset or twilight lighting. Creating a warm and inviting feeling that makes your listing stand out among all the other boring listings.

Twilight shoots occur between sunset and and 30 minutes after sunset. *Special scheduling and pricing applies.

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Home Photo Pro Rep, LLC - Real Estate Interior PhotographyHome Photo Pro Rep, LLC - Real Estate Interior PhotographySouthwest Florida - Ft Myers Beach Twilight scenic view photography

Creative Photoshop Services

The real world is not perfect, but Home Photo's Custom Photo Editing service can make it look that way. Your property should always look it's best and Custom Photo Editing ensures the best qualities of your home show through when the real world doesn't cooperate.

Some of the custom photo editing services include:

  • Object removal
  • Digital Landscaping
  • Adding blue skies and fluffy clouds
  • Repaint walls
  • Optimize outside views through windows and glass doors
  • ...and more!

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