When you purchase a professional real estate photography package from Home Photo, it also comes with a professionally styled Virtual Tour. This Virtual Tour is a moving slide-show of your new listing photos and is a beautiful and functional way to present your real estate photos to the buying public! 

The Virtual Tour system offers many options for customizing the look and feel of the Tour including; Realtor branding, adding listing titles, creating property & photo descriptions, changing photo order, downloading photos in various sizes, adding music, creating custom download-able flyer’s and setting up emails that send you weekly Tour statistics. 

These changes are all accomplished through the Virtual Tours “Client Panel”. So when you get your very first Virtual Tour through Home Photo, you will receive an email asking you to set up a Username and Password. Once that’s been set up, you’ll then have access to the Tour’s “Client Panel” and the ability to make all these customized changes.  

The Virtual Tour is not complicated to use, but does require a little tinkering and familiarization to understand, so I’ve put together this Virtual Tour How-To to help speed you along and get your Virtual Tour up and running faster.

Download PDF of the Virtual Tour How-To here